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Pottery Making Illustrated
Pottery Making Illustrated is has a website and magazine for potters, amateur or professional, student or teacher. The website and magazine contain well-illustrated, easy-to-understand information on handbuilding, throwing, glazing and firing techniques, as well as step-by-step projects and information on tools, equipment, and safety.
Ceramics Monthly
Ceramics Monthly is an internationally distributed magazine on ceramic art and craft. Each issue includes articles on potters and ceramics artists from throughout the world, exhibitions, and production processes, as well as critical commentary, book and video reviews, clay and glaze recipes, kiln designs and firing techniques, advice from experts in the field, and ads for available materials and equipment. While principally covering contemporary work, the magazine also looks back at influential artists and events from the past.
The American Ceramics Society is the world’s leading organization dedicated to the advancement of ceramics. The Society serves its members and the worldwide ceramic community by promoting the development and use of ceramics through forums for knowledge exchange.
The American Ceramics Society
The mission of the North Carolina Pottery Center is to promote public awareness and appreciation of the history, heritage, and ongoing tradition of pottery making in North Carolina through educational programs, public services, collection and preservation, and research and documentation.
North Carolina Pottery Center
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